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Before we describe our open roles, here's why you should work with us:

  1. Everyone who works full-time at NOBL is a legal owner of NOBL, entitled to profits and a payout if someday we sell (right now, we wouldn't dream of it).
  2. Re-read point number one, it's pretty great.
  3. It gets better. If you help us open a new location or offering, you get up to a 10% stake in the overall firm. We provide all back of house services (legal, accounting, etc.) and each local office keeps their profits and can do with them as they please (including sharing them with everyone on the team).
  4. Re-read point number three, it's even better than point number one.
  5. We tend to hire only smart, kind people. So, we're nice to hang out with if you're up for it?
  6. Oh, perks? As an owner of the business, you decide everything. That's the best perk we can think of, even better than a ping pong table or free lunches.

OK, here's who we need right now ...

  1. Location Leads in SF and London. You can do the work, lead a team, and you aren't shy in mining your network for clients. You're senior and you see the opportunity in disrupting the $165B a year industry that is traditional consulting.
  2. Org Designers in NY and LA. You are dedicated to making work better, but not because you want to be famous on Medium; you are actually driven to help people. You either come from consulting or you have experience designing customer experiences and you realize how powerful that skill is when pointed inside a company. Know that we plan to keep our practice small, so we are incredibly discerning about who joins us.
  3. Operational Obsessives. There is no detail you won't sweat and your head stays firmly attached to your shoulders when dealing with accountants and lawyers. You're probably young, hungry to see what it's like at a growing startup, but you are actually OK with focusing on operations in your day-to-day. You know that everything you do makes life better for the people making work better for others.

Lastly, know that we judge all candidates by the following even-over statements:

  • Deep listening abilities even over rapid problem solving abilities
  • Experience inside toxic cultures even over experience inside healthy cultures
  • Teaching skills even over writing skills
  • Wide and shallow knowledge of models/theories/approaches even over deep and narrow model/theory/approach expertise