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We’re looking for Organizational Change Business Leads to grow our impact globally. Here’s what "Business Lead" means in plain english:

  • You have experience leading an organizational design or organizational change practice. As a Business Lead, you are directly responsible for growing our impact in your region.

  • You have experience leading change either as an internal change agent or as a consultant and have some war stories to show for it. At NOBL, you’ll have the Herculean task of making organizational change happen in complex work environments. You’ll serve both the Fortune 500 and rapidly scaling startups.

  • You can sell the work. We expect you to be the most pivotal player for sales in your region by tapping your network of peers and potential clients.

  • You likely have an advanced degree in organizational psychology, organizational change or similar. This is not a hard requirement, but ultimately, we need someone who has a nuanced understanding of how organizations grow and change (far beyond the latest fads).

  • You can own the room with leadership teams, advise executives one-on-one, train mid-level managers in workshops, and translate complicated ideas to the overworked and under-trained staff on the front-line.

  • You can design a killer workshop. While often we’re on-site with clients in their day-to-day, we also frequently deliver our work via offsites and trainings. You’ll have to know how to design the content, interaction, and narrative of a day for senior leaders.

  • You know how businesses work. You’ll need to be able to evaluate a corporate or departmental strategy and chart the implications for the organization’s structures and systems. You'll also be a member of the NOBL Global Board, so we expect you to help guide our business, too.


Perks and Benefits

We hope that you're excited by the possibilities that come with working at NOBL. In addition to our unique culture, we also offer these fun perks and benefits.

  • Salary: Our salary formula adjusts to your cost of living and experience. For this role, the range is $120-160k per year. It’s a large range, we know, but it’s because we’re open to variety of experience levels. On top of a base salary, Business Leads have autonomy to decide what to do with the profits of their own region's work.

  • Distribution of ownership: After 6 months, Business Leads are eligible to receive a healthy slice of equity in the business (5-10%) and a seat on NOBL's Global Board. This also affords you a guarantee of any profit distributions and large percentage of any sale of the company (Business Leads divvy up 70% of any sale).

  • Cell phone: We pay your bill. Cause let’s be honest, who doesn’t work off their phone.

  • Unlimited time off: Our only policy is that you give yourself a break regularly. We mean it.

  • Work from home: When you don’t have client meetings or working sessions that require you to be onsite, you’re welcome to work from your couch, a coffee shop, or wherever you’re most comfortable and productive.

  • Self-Care stipend: We provide you $100 per month to spend on any mental health or self-care activity of your choosing.



NOBL (pronounced no-bell) was founded in 2014 to help leaders make change. Today we are a global change agency, training organizations to embrace new attitudes and adopt new behaviors. Our work is its most meaningful when our partners grow to their full potential, when they are freed to truly serve their customers and constituents, and when their impact on the world becomes powerful and profound.

We value diversity and inclusion as an organization and are dedicated to growing our teams with individuals who have varied perspectives and experiences. We are committed to hiring practices that support equal employment opportunities for all regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender identity or veteran status.



We want NOBL to be the place where you do the best work of your career. We’re successful because the people on our team are kind, smart, and quick studies. We hope this way of working appeals to you too.

We are:

  • Self aware. It’s the thing we want most from our clients, so we better practice it for ourselves.

  • Fast, adaptive learners. We move very quickly and constantly test new ways of working on ourselves.

  • Comfortable collaborating on bad first drafts. We would rather share a bad first draft now than a perfect version later. We work in platforms like Slack, Google Docs, Hangouts, and Trello.

  • Action-biased. We avoid decks whenever possible and move from planning to execution rapidly. We roll up our sleeves and work side-by-side with clients to change how things are done.

  • Empathetic. We can’t tell you how often people compare the work to therapy. (We’re not therapists! We don’t claim to be!) We’re trustworthy and listen hard.


How to Prepare for Our First Chat

  1. Visit our site at and explore how we approach the work. We’ll answer any/all questions you have about us, but we want ample time to get to know you and talk specifically about the role.

  2. Reflect on your past work in leading an organizational change practice. We want to know your own approach, where it has worked, and where it didn’t. Sharing your failures (and what you learned) is even more important to us than your wins.


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