6 Things You Must Do When Your Team Hits 60 People

In the last few months, we've heard from lots of conscientious founders and People Ops people who are concerned that suddenly, the culture they've worked so hard to build just feels "weird." People aren't as excited about work anymore, and turnover starts to increase. The natural working rhythm the team once had keeps falling apart, and policies and SOPs start being mandated. The first thing we ask them is: did your team just reach 60 people? 

You may be familiar with Dunbar's number: the idea that you can only have meaningful relationships with around 150 people. (Gore-Tex is well-known for adhering to this principle, dividing its manufacturing teams in two once they hit 200.) But the fact is that team dynamics start to change by the time you reach around 60 people.* At this point, the CEO won't have hired everyone, and colleagues may not know associates in other teams. Meanwhile, people who love the startup vibe start feeling hemmed in.

If your team has reached 60 people, review these six things:


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