We had plans for a normal newsletter today. But nothing is normal right now.

We considered not sending a newsletter, but silence feels like complicity. We have a voice and we feel compelled to use it.

We must reject hate. We denounce the act of terrorism in Charlottesville, Virginia perpetrated by white supremacists.

Hate is having its day. Hate doesn’t need a hood anymore. Hate is out in the open, in our offices and in our city squares. Hate is finding friends online and in high places. Hate is building an army. Hate is making even bigger plans.

We must reject hate. 

This new century of ours, if we are to survive it, must be the one in which we leave behind our tribalism. Our in-groups, our echo chambers, our cosmetic biases, our barbarism. If we, each of us, do not actively reject hate then we will have been hate’s caretaker and hate will be our lasting legacy.

You have a voice. You must use it. You are called to action. Don’t just tweet. Look at the people nearest to you. Check in with them now. Far too many have to walk into an office tomorrow and somehow compartmentalize their fears that they are unwelcome or worse, in danger. Welcome them. Protect them. Love them. Yes, this work must come to our workplaces. Intolerance cannot be tolerated as a corporate value. Prejudice cannot be allowed to scaled through our products. New ventures must not spread old poisons.

We at NOBL can do more and will do more to reject hate.

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