Our Lessons from 2017

Congratulations—you’ve almost made it through 2017! We asked our colleagues to reflect on what they’ve learned about change this year, and what they'd want other leaders to know:

“Leaders we work with face really hard decisions: not complicated ones, but hard ones. Emotional ones. Political ones. There's an emotional toll tothis work for leadership, especially.”

“There is no one ‘right’ way to lead change. It's about balancing the needs of your market, your company, and your people, and being able to be flexible in your efforts. For leaders working through organizational change, the need and practice of flexibility makes focus so important. It's incredibly easy to get distracted by things that feel ‘urgent’ but actually aren't.”

“Organizations are becoming disenchanted with the old models of leading and organizing—those 19th-century Weberian military models that have dominated management thought for so long—and many people are testing and benefiting from diverse and organic ways of bringing people together around a common purpose.”

“Our change management model really works (with slight ad-hoc tweaks as we go).” 

“I'm really appreciative for all of the curious individuals who reach out to us from across the globe to tell us about their experience with a tool they learned about via our newsletter or Slack channel. Leading change as one person is really hard, so to hear that people are seeing an impactfrom the work we put out is really incredible.”

“Change begins with an ending. It's exciting to see where your industry is headed, to lead your company into the future, to feel visionary. But the first step in change is not rushing towards the future, it's bidding farewell to the past: how you've worked, what you've made, how you've succeeded. This time of year, amidst resolutions and trend forecasts, remember to spend time honoring the work your team has done to date. So that when you're ready to move on to something new in 2018, you're not prying the past from people's fingers.”

And last but not least:

“We have awesome friends. Our expert network, our peers... This business couldn't exist without our community.”

So from everyone here at NOBL, Happy Holidays—we can’t wait to share more discoveries with you in 2018!


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