2018 In Review and the Trends Affecting 2019

Congratulations on another year of overcoming challenges, learning new skills, and with any luck, better positioning yourself and your team for a successful 2019! At NOBL, 2018 has been a year of growth: we opened a new office in London, welcomed new members to the team, launched a Slackbot that helps teams make decisions, and most importantly, helped world-renowned clients design organizational cultures that give them a competitive advantage.

We couldn’t do any of this without your support, so thank you! Thanks for the thoughtful feedback, for forwarding this newsletter to friends, and for trying new ways of working with your teams. We’re taking a break for the holidays—and hope you’ll be taking some time off, too—but we’ll be back in your inbox on January 6th. We’ve got a great year planned, with more of the insights and tools you need to help your culture compete. Some of the macrotrends we anticipate affecting workplace culture in the year ahead include:

  • Employer Branding. The customer experience and the employee experience become more consistent, as employers realize their brand is one of the most effective tools in attracting and retaining top talent.

  • Work Week Reconsidered. Organizations and employees alike will reconsider the relationship between time worked and results produced, and how it affects employee well-being. More companies will continue to experiment with the 40-hour work week, while "hustleporn" will come under greater scrutiny.

  • Robots Uprising. Both blue- and white-collar employees will have to re-evaluate their roles and learn new skills as robots and artificial intelligence continue to take over more tasks. 

  • Individuals and Inclusion. Employees will increasingly demand to see how they're included in the workplace. Expect more conversations about diversity and inclusion, as well as how much of your "whole self" is truly welcome at work. 

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