Why We Exist

We believe that meaningful work is a human right.

The average person spends more of their day working than any other single activity. That time should matter. That effort should mean something. Whatever we toil for, it should be a worthwhile legacy. Time passes without our permission. How will you use it? How will you be remembered?

We know that meaningful work can change the world.

According to Gallup, the majority of people are disengaged at work. Not a few, not some, the majority. That lack of engagement results in fewer achievements, fewer "firsts", fewer moonshots, and fewer returns. The teams that have changed the world were inspired, engaged, and empowered to do so. 

We exist to expand access to meaningful work.

NOBL (pronounced no•bell) is a collective of organizational designers, experience designers, and team coaches committed to expanding access to meaningful work. Every team that we help will result in a greater impact on the world. Our purpose is to help your team unleash theirs. Our life's work is helping you pursue yours.