(R)Evolutionary Leadership

Through our 3-month coaching program, learn the skills that will help you overcome not only the challenge in front of you but the challenges to come.


It’s called “permanent whitewater,” the idea that our world now is perpetually novel, uncertain, and complex. You never step in the same river twice, and you never face the same leadership challenge twice.

Self-aware leaders recognize that the skills which brought them to the present moment are rarely the exact skills they need to make the most of the opportunities before them.

Most programs prepare you to face the new challenges ahead of you. This program gives you tools you can use to level up now, and ones you can take with you into the future to help get through whatever might come around the bend.  

What You’ll Gain:

  • Mechanisms to self-reflect and manage yourself amidst uncertainty and change

  • The ability to define your vision in a way that will make other people want in

  • Using and maximizing your power and influence for good

  • Tools for organizing work and making your vision a reality

  • Easy fixes for building a positive, resilient culture within your organization

  • Strong, supportive relationships with a fascinating cohort of leaders

  • A framework for making lasting organizational and cultural change

This program combines one-on-one time with your coach, group video-conferencing sessions, and peer coaching with other leaders, giving you rare practice opportunities to try out your new skills and get feedback in real time. You’ll also have periodic self assessments to help you leverage your strengths and manage your weaknesses.

What Your Team and Company Will Gain:

  • A more self-aware leader who embraces change

  • Clearer communication and expectation-setting

  • Faster, more accurate decision-making

  • Easy to spread tools which strengthen team bonds and increase accountability

  • A leader who is equipped to train and coach others to higher-performance


Apply Now

Space is extremely limited. Our next cohorts begin in March. Applications will close by March 4th.

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Your Coaches

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Dr. Kim Perkins

A former pro athlete with a Ph.D. in positive organizational psychology, Kim brings peak performance with compassion, connection and drive. Kim founded LeADlab’s coaching program in Claremont Graduate University, she has coached executives in all industries through a diverse set of challenges for more than 12 years. In addition to her coaching work, Kim has taught classes on training and employee development at Cal Poly Pomona and guest lectured on the new forms of intrinsic and prosocial motivation at numerous business schools.

Natalya Sverjensky.jpg

Natalya Sverjensky

With a decade of experience as a trusted advisor and executive coach to senior leaders across industries, Natalya has developed a blueprint for leadership in the 21st century. From rapidly scaling startups dealing with mounting social complexity, to major corporates hungry for speed and greater humanity, Natalya has helped ambitious, mission-driven leaders develop a vision for change and motivate their teams behind it. She is a frequent speaker on culture and team dynamics for rapidly scaling startups


Who Should Apply

  • You should be a leader, mid-level or above, facing a challenge that requires a novel approach and perspective.

  • You’ll need a real-life challenge you can use during the program on which to test your new skills and perspectives.


  • This is a 3-month program designed to equip you with the tools to approach your challenge with new skills and perspectives.

  • This is a cohort model, meaning that in-addition to 1:1 coaching with Dr. Kim Perkins or Natalya Sverjensky, you’ll also engage in peer-to-peer discussion and coaching. You’ll build lasting relationships with your fellow leaders.

  • Applicants will be screened over the phone prior to being accepted into the program. Our goal is to build strong, diverse cohorts of leaders.

  • Coaching sessions will be held remotely if outside of LA or NY, either over video chat or phone.

  • The fee for this program is $1,665 per month or $4,995 total (plus taxes where applicable).