Avoid Growing Pains

Technology scales exponentially. Humans, not so much. So after rapid growth, companies are harder to navigate. Teams feel like opponents. And leaders feel alienated from the mission. We eliminate the unnecessary complexity you’ve accrued, recovering your agility and positioning you for further growth.

Case Study

Preparing for Exponential Growth

A medical technology company had just gone through “once in a lifetime” growth, reaching billions in sales in an unprecedented timeframe. They knew they needed a new structure that would support their next stage of expansion—but could they do it while protecting their tight-knit, high-performing culture?

NOBL’s collaborative approach uncovered the department’s emerging needs, which resulted in new structural options that incorporated new partnerships, roles, and ownership. These were assessed against the organization’s business strategy and culture, and leaders and teams ultimately aligned around one cohesive, cross-functional design. 

Engaged throughout the phased process, the team felt high levels of ownership, and adopted the new structure and orientation towards scalable growth with minimal resistance. Teams were even able to track their progress towards the company’s next phase thanks to a holistic measurement model.

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