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The Best of Both

On paper, an integration might look great. In person? It’s another story. Instead of collaborating, teams wage a quiet war to determine whose priorities or culture will prevail. We refocus your integration, or even avoid the battle altogether.

Case Study

Increasing Clarity to Retain Talent

Four years after a global technology firm acquired an artificial intelligence company, teams were still at odds. Increased complexity, combined with democratized workflow and decision-making, was causing confusion, bottlenecking, and turnover of their highest performers.

NOBL designed and embedded a new model for cross-functional teaming that outlined individual responsibilities, leadership functions, team rhythms, and communication norms. We also kicked off new teams with refreshed processes for idea and project generation, prioritization, and execution. Teams were re-energized, and top talent was motivated to stick around to build the next iteration of the company.


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