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Nice plans finish last. Because even the best plans can fall into the strategy execution gap. That gap between what’s on paper and what your people actually do. We bridge the gap and help you regain momentum. And with teams truly moving together, they can adapt to whatever the future holds.

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Case Study

Accelerating productivity at a fast-growing public company

When one of the fastest-growing companies in the history of the US comes to you unable to coordinate teams and plan work at the speed of their demand, you have to reinvent the strategic planning process from the ground up. 

Working closely with the CEO, NOBL rallied the Executive Team around a simplified strategy, deciding trade-offs and differentiating between critical “keep the lights on” work and opportunistic “bets.” Learning roundtables fueled teams’ curiosity and made it safe to focus on progress, not perfection. Meanwhile, shared language and consistent messaging increased cross-functional collaboration. 

Ultimately, the work allowed teams to coordinate both unprecedented growth and a booming stock price.

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