An Adaptive Approach to the Strategic Planning Process

Organizations need a 21st century replacement for the five-year plan, one that respects uncertainty as the norm and values the ability to change as a competitive advantage

Strategic Planning vs. Scenario Planning in Uncertain Markets

What's the role of planning in an era of unrelenting change?

A Strategic Culture Is Deliberately Different

A “good culture” isn't good enough. Organizations must align their strategy and their culture to retain their competitive advantage

What We Can Learn From Amazon’s Planning Process

Amazon's high-performance culture, with its focus on customers, data, and outcomes, is supported by a unique annual planning process. Leaders and teams are incentivized to think big while supporting cross-divisional goals.

In the Midst of Uncertainty, Shoot for the Moon

Organizations need a beckoning frontier, not just to discover new business models and revenue streams, but to renew the human spirit and fend off the crush of uncertainty.

How the Cynefin Framework Guides Organizational Decision Making

Classifying your environment can help decide how your organization should respond—but watch out for these biases

Why Culture/Market Fit Is More Important than Product/Market Fit

Product/market fit was a term coined by Marc Andreesen and defined as, “being in a good market with a product that can satisfy that market.” Culture/market fit is similar, yet even more foundational. Find yourself a healthy market, yes. Then develop a culture that can deliver product/market fit.

How to Write a Strategy Statement Your Team Will Actually Remember

It’s 4:30pm on a Friday and your team has to make a critical decision by the close of business but you’re on an overseas flight, unreachable and unable to help. The team has two options on the table and both seem equally compelling although each have long-term consequences if they get it wrong. How will the team know, without being able to check in with you, which call is the right call to make?

A Change Model for the 21st Century: How to Make Lasting Organizational Change

An in-depth look at what prevents change within organizations and why it's time for a new approach

Preparing your Organization for Change

In times of uncertainty, leaders must hone organizations' capacity for making change

Barriers to Change: Limited Resources

Insufficient people, budget, or time can derail a critical transformation just when it's needed most

How Leadership Must Change in Challenging Times

Don't assume "wartime leadership" is automatically required—reflect on what your organization needs, and how you're showing up

Business Transformation Ultimate Guide

Uncertainty and continuous change mean a new approach to business transformation is required for organizations to survive in the 21st century

8 Lessons in Changing Organizational Culture

Some of the most important lessons we’ve learned partnering with world-renowned companies going through organizational culture change

How to Build a High Performing Team

Five core elements will determine how your team is structured and how they approach the work.

How to Develop Purpose, Vision, and Mission Statements That Actually Impact Daily Work

Involve stakeholders in conversations about the future of the organization to develop meaningful purpose, vision, and mission statements

Why Burnout Is Hard to Avoid—and How to Restore Work Life Balance

Saying "no" to incoming projects and colleagues' requests can be difficult in the workplace, but these habits can help you prioritize

How Learning Roundtables Make Your Organization Smarter and More Resilient

Teams need forums to spread new ideas and ways of working

Hacking the Eisenhower Decision Matrix

As you weigh the urgent and the important in order to prioritize your week or your team's backlog, you may need new methods to force decision-making and focus

What Is Organizational Design?

It's the next frontier of design thinking—and it can completely change how your organization operates

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