Measuring Impact

Transformation requires effective measurement. But change efforts struggle with reporting: it can feel like bureaucratic box-ticking or an attempt to maintain the illusion of progress.

NOBL focuses on what’s being measured as well as the culture surrounding the measurement process. We ensure that our metrics are clear, honest, and aligned with your strategic objectives, leading to real progress for your organization.

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Our Approach to Measurement

We start with the organization’s strategic goals and evaluate the “logic chain” between the planned efforts and their expected effects. For example, if the goal is to enhance customer satisfaction, a company might assume that improving customer service training programs can lead to better interactions and higher satisfaction scores. By measuring both the implementation of the training and subsequent changes in satisfaction, companies can see the impact and make informed adjustments.

Once we get key stakeholders aligned, we then measure narrowly to the logic chain. That means defining KPIs associated with different points in the chain, and creating periodic feedback loops and opportunities for discussion and sense-making across participants. We integrate different types of data into our overall measurement strategy, including direct observation—we favor assessing observable behaviors versus self-reported attitudes or beliefs.

Finally, we address the cultural conditions and incentives for less accurate reporting and make it safe for teams to report bad or even confusing news. We also invite dissenting opinions and hypotheses on the transformation, and find ways to test them.

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