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Changing an organization’s culture is the textbook definition of “easier said than done.” How do you know what to change, where to start, how to scale, or even whether the changes are making a difference? We provide a sense of stability and direction while changing your culture. Not through a plan or slogans alone, but by guiding experimentation and evolution.     

Case Study

Reinvigorating a Legacy Organization

The marketing department at a storied entertainment company was at a breaking point: the workload was leading to burnout, and prized talent was threatening to leave. The culture needed a complete overhaul to maintain its vaunted reputation in the industry. 

NOBL worked with the leadership team to identify the key activities that needed to change. We then launched pilot teams, made up of representatives from across the department, to explore potential solutions. Every week, they rapidly tested new ways of working and shared learnings. Not only did this spread ideas quickly, the entire department started adopting a mindset of experimentation and adaption. 

The transformation was literally remarkable: many noted that the department was not the same as the one that they had joined even nine months prior. Teams not only reported a 26% improvement in work-life balance, they delivered one the company’s best years in its 100+ history.

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