We Serve the Difference-Makers

In every organization, there's a passionate tribe of people obsessed with making every aspect of culture better, more effective, and more meaningful. Let's make that difference together.

Culture is the Last Sustainable Advantage


Nothing stands still anymore, least of all your competitors. Overnight, your products and features can be cloned, your services disrupted, and your talent lured away.

But your unique culture can’t be copied and pasted. Even amid intense external change, your culture can be your greatest strength and lasting source of resilience.

To compete today, it’s time to create a culture that attracts and retains the best talent, a culture that taps the full potential of every employee, and a culture that pursues its purpose without distraction.



Made Different


Traditional consulting is astronomical fees, recycled work, and zero accountability.

We break with tradition.

They position themselves as an infallible expert and leave you to implement their recommendations. We’re your coach and mentor, helping you on day one to experiment with new ways of working.

Ultimately, they deliver a document and we deliver change.

NOBL picks up where other consultants leave off.
How our organizational design consultants inspire teams and instigate change.


The Basics


NOBL (pronounced no-bell) was founded in 2014. Today, we operate from LA, NYC, London, and Vancouver. We’ve supported clients on five continents and across two-dozen industries.

Our teams are a potent mix of organizational psychologists, change management practitioners, strategists, and service designers. In addition to our dedicated teams, we maintain a large community of industry and regional experts that augment our teams when we need additional skills.

Our mission is to be the essential partner for ambitious and compassionate leaders everywhere. Our vision is to improve work and culture for more than a million people before we’re ten years old.



Our Leadership Team


Bud Caddell, Founder & CEO

Bud Caddell is the Founder of NOBL and has been focused on the future of work for more than a decade and has been advising corporations on strategy even longer. Bud grew up obsessed with technology and its potential, even serving as the Head of Technology at a venture-funded startup before he entered college. His work has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and AdAge.

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Lauren Currie, London MD

Lauren Currie is the Managing Director of NOBL London. Her work has been focused on designing systems and services for over 10 years. Her work has been featured in The Guardian, Design Week, and Creative Review. Lauren was awarded an OBE for her services to design and diversity. She has been named a “woman changing the world under 30” by ELLE magazine and “one of the UK’s top business women under 35” by Management Today.


Dr. Kim Perkins, LA MD

Dr. Kim Perkins is the Managing Director of NOBL Los Angeles. Kim holds a Ph.D. in positive organizational psychology from Claremont Graduate University. A former journalist and pro athlete, Kim’s research helps companies get beyond reward and punishment to motivate their people through passion, purpose, and positive relationships. In addition to coaching leaders and executives across the U.S., Kim has taught classes on training and employee development at Cal Poly Pomona and guest lectured on the new forms of intrinsic and prosocial motivation at various business schools around Southern California.



Our Namesake


The name of our company was inspired by Alfred Nobel and the legendary origin of the Nobel Prize.

The year was 1888. A French newspaper ran an obituary for Dr. Alfred Nobel, a man of enormous wealth and reputation – namely for the invention of dynamite.

Dr. Alfred Nobel, who became rich by finding ways to kill more people faster than ever before, died yesterday.

The man reading the obituary was Dr. Alfred Nobel, himself.

The paper confused Alfred for his brother Ludvig, who had just died. Thanks to this error, Alfred Nobel got a rare opportunity to see how the world would portray his life and remember his legacy.

Six years later, when Alfred’s life did end, his heirs and peers were shocked to find that, in his revised final will and testament, he had dedicated his vast wealth to the creation of a new prize for humanity. It sought to reward achievement across the sciences and liberal arts that were in pursuit of “the greatest benefit on mankind.”

By taking inspiration from the name of Alfred Nobel, we remind ourselves that our time is limited and our legacy accumulates whether or not we are conscious of it. We challenge ourselves and our clients to leave behind a conscious positive legacy.