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There Are Easier Jobs

We’re on a mission to prove that you can change human behavior, at scale, in even the most complex institutions on the planet. It would be easier to do just about anything else for a job. Literally anything else. But we’re the kind of people who get their kicks from doing the hard things. Same?

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We hire slowly, but are eager to meet new people. Consider applying for a position even if you feel that you don’t fully qualify.

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Working at NOBL

It’s a great job. But it’s only a job. We aim to provide meaningful work, fair compensation, and an inclusive work environment. But we don’t want to replace your family or be the sole container for your passions. We want to create a psychologically safe place to work—where you can speak up, where you can share what’s on your mind, where you can take risks—and we also want to create psychological safety in how you set boundaries and even leave, if/when you choose to.

A Culture of Craft

We approach our work together foremost as craftspeople. Our craft is delivering meaningful change through a consulting relationship.

To that end, we value challenge and growth. We solicit feedback and give it readily. We capture what we learn and make certain it has been shared with others. We practice in order to improve, and we improve both the seen and unseen. We strive to be productive. And we seek to create a genuinely harmonious workplace. Lastly, we feel a debt to train and develop the next generation.

On Our Best Days

The work is challenging. We are either remote or in-person helping clients to design and scale transformation programs or specific behavioral interventions. We are coaching leaders to embrace not just new ideas but also new identities.

Learning is constant. This is partly due to being a consultant, always experiencing new challenges and new contexts. But at NOBL we take learning seriously, and have built discussing new ideas and sharing what we’ve learned into our weekly team rhythms.

On Our Not-Best Days

Your resilience is tested. Burnout isn’t just a factor of how many hours you work; it’s also the intensity of the work. Our work, especially coaching, is emotionally demanding and draining.

The way forward isn’t always clear. Because we’re growing, we have more to do in both how we standardize our work and how we define roles on our teams.

Remote Working

We have been a remote-first workplace since our founding, with caveats: expect to spend up to 20% of your time onsite with clients and 2 weeks a year at in-person retreats with your NOBL teammates.

We provide a “work from anywhere” allowance of up to $600/month to cover personal office space rental, cell phone and internet bills, and home office needs.

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