Digital Transformation

Bridge the Digital Divide

There’s a divide between technological promises and organizational reality. In that divide, leaders spin, experts cling to dogma, and everyone begins to question the possibility of change. We bridge this divide, enabling organizations to embrace the adaptability required of digital transformation.

Case Study

A Realistic Roadmap to Transformation

An iconic retailer was attempting to switch to product- (versus project-) based operating model—and unfortunately, it wasn’t their first attempt. They’d worked with a Big Consultant who left them a 100-slide PowerPoint but no way to break the work down, and dueling leader demands constantly derailed progress. The team had lost faith that the change would ever happen.

NOBL brought leaders together to align on business outcomes and break those down into achievable milestones. We also developed a communications strategy for the skeptical, change-fatigued workforce, building in feedback loops so that people understood progress was being made.

Leadership finally had a roadmap for the immediate future and a conceptual understanding of the risks and challenges to expect for each outcome. More importantly, the entire team became excited for the possibility of change and how they could participate.

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