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Change Making is a modern approach to transformation, honed in partnership with some of the world’s most renowned organizations. While every engagement is customized to the needs of the client and the context of the challenge, Change Making’s four phases are core to everything we do.

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Set the Direction

In this initial phase, we have two goals. First, to quickly define an initial transformation plan, including your desired outcomes, interventions and programs, potential barriers, and participants. Second, to build rapport and establish trust with your key players to build a durable political coalition for change.


Discover by Doing

In a matter of weeks—and depending on the organization’s goals—we launch a series of pilots to validate our initial plan and prove to any skeptics that change is indeed possible. Through test-and-learn sprints, we coach teams to chase their desired outcomes and transparently share their progress with the organization.


Accelerate the Impact

With lessons learned from the initial pilots, we then spread successful experiments and tackle the biggest bets of the transformation. Here we also begin using more formal measurement tactics to assess both internal acceptance and the program’s early results.


Build Supporting Structures

Finally, we make ourselves irrelevant. Depending on the need, we build lasting capabilities either through centers of excellence or communities of practice, or a combination of the two. We also complete a final assessment of the program and ensure you have a roadmap for ongoing change.

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