Inspiration and Stories of Change


Costco Aligns Strategy with Execution

Everything from store layout to staffing decisions serves the company's strategy of selling more memberships.

Abercrombie Completes an Astonishing Resurrection

In seven years, Abercrombie went from "most hated retailer" to outperforming NVIDIA

Ferrari Reduces Its “Bureaucratic Mass Index”

A new CEO accelerated change by flattening the hierarchy and connecting employees to what it means to drive a Ferrari

In the Midst of Uncertainty, Shoot for the Moon

Organizations need a beckoning frontier, not just to discover new business models and revenue streams, but to renew the human spirit and fend off the crush of uncertainty.

How Satya Nadella Led Microsoft through a Corporate Turnaround

Leading a corporate turnaround at a company as large as Microsoft is a daunting challenge, but CEO Nadella focused on culture and innovation to return it to dominance

What We Can Learn From Amazon’s Planning Process

Amazon's high-performance culture, with its focus on customers, data, and outcomes, is supported by a unique annual planning process. Leaders and teams are incentivized to think big while supporting cross-divisional goals.

How an Extreme Offsite Led to eBay’s Turnaround

When corporate bureaucracy slows innovation, it takes unorthodox measures to break through. A secret offsite gave eBay's team the focus they needed to develop a new solution.

How NASA’s Pirate Paradigm Challenged The Status Quo

When an organization enters a hibernation period where innovation slows and bureaucracy mounts, renegades can shake everyone out of complacency.

How Google’s TGIF Meetings Empower Employees

If you’re looking for ways to show you value your employees, share important information on a regular basis. To further increase transparency, give employees access to upper management and encourage them to ask questions.

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