Founder’s Corner


We Need Transgressive Leaders, And They Need Limits

There’s a lot being written about Elon Musk and Twitter right now, but I wanted to address his leadership, what’s happening with leadership in general right now, and my own thoughts on continuing to use the platform.

How I Write Simply

The following is advice I have offered in the past to folks on my team struggling with their writing at work.

The State of Work 2020: Looking Back to Look Ahead

A collection of data and reporting from credible third-parties that paints the picture of the most tumultuous year of work in recent U.S. history

Consulting As Craft

A craftsperson is someone who practices a trade or discipline with the ultimate goal of mastery. Anyone, in any discipline, can be a craftsperson if they so choose. Each and every one of us has the capacity to do good work of some kind.

“Build Back Better” and Organizational Resilience

If we want to build back better and foster greater organizational resilience, we must first define what “better” means, for whom the changes are meant, and how to begin.

The New Normal

To survive in a VUCA environment, we must re-conceptualize organizations and leadership

Big Consulting Is Stunting Your Culture

Big consulting is taking a beating these days in culture. And, frankly, it’s long overdue. 

Don’t Change What You Don’t Yet Understand

A controversial rule for those making change

Why Culture/Market Fit Is More Important than Product/Market Fit

Product/market fit was a term coined by Marc Andreesen and defined as, “being in a good market with a product that can satisfy that market.” Culture/market fit is similar, yet even more foundational. Find yourself a healthy market, yes. Then develop a culture that can deliver product/market fit.

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