How to Respond When Your Program is Disrupted

If you’re leading a large new initiative and it just halted due to internal changes, what do you do next?

Speed Traps in Organizations

Leaders naturally want to move fast—but watch out for these common speedbumps

How to Overcome Ambivalence as a Leader of Change

The early stages of transformation are fraught with conflicting signals and feelings, but within that turmoil lies an opportunity for profound self-reflection and growth

The Tension between Authentic and Adaptive Leadership

Modern leadership isn’t one type of leadership; it must be a blend of approaches

Regaining Lost Momentum in the Change Journey

Some resistance to change is normal—but if change feels too disruptive or like it's stalling out, leaders may need to reassess.

The “Oh **** Moment”

Committing to a change can feel scary—but teams have to make the jump

The Ultimate Business Transformation Framework

Organizations desperately need a new framework for navigating change that recognizes they’re experiencing radically new conditions.

Discussing Hard Topics in Organizations Obsessed with Optimism

Making change requires optimism, but a relentless focus on the positive can turn into a culture where nothing negative can be discussed

Preparing your Organization for Change

In times of uncertainty, leaders must hone organizations' capacity for making change

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