Introducing The AI Strategic Vision Toolkit

Introducing three new tools to help leadership teams define and align on an integrated AI approach

Watch the recording from our webinar, hosted June 25th

AI is arguably the most pervasive force driving organizational change in the world right now. Across geographies and industries, its promises and threats are being actively discussed in boardrooms and among leadership teams.

At NOBL, we believe that AI presents a unique challenge for three reasons:

  1. AI is a rapidly changing technology, and many believe the pace of its evolution will only accelerate. There is both obvious hype and genuine promise. Organizations need to quickly build their shared literacy and remain open-minded through the changes to come.
  2. Like the internet before it, AI is a horizontal disruption—meaning it will impact many, if not all, functions across a business. Organizations need to therefore consider the implications of it holistically, and not silo their efforts if they truly want to take advantage of what it can offer.
  3. There are competing priorities behind AI’s early adoption, and competing perspectives on why it belongs (or doesn’t) in the organization. That conflict should be addressed openly and rationally, rather than passively or solely politically.

In response, our team has been working with clients and interviewing experts in order to build a toolkit that can help different stakeholders define and align their approach to AI and its offshoot technologies. We aim to help leaders go beyond the headlines or simple platitudes, in order to earnestly investigate what AI has to offer, and to begin mapping their shared roadmap for its use and exploration.

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Introducing The AI Strategic Vision Toolkit
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