Strategy Execution


The Real Reason Why Business Strategy Fails

Companies desperately need to demystify what strategy really is and get back to the basics of doing it well.

The Role of Reorgs in Organizational Change

As a leader, when should you pursue a reorg as part of a business transformation?

A Strategic Culture Is Deliberately Different

A “good culture” isn't good enough. Organizations must align their strategy and their culture to retain their competitive advantage

How the Cynefin Framework Guides Organizational Decision Making

Classifying your environment can help decide how your organization should respond—but watch out for these biases

An Adaptive Approach to the Strategic Planning Process

Organizations need a 21st century replacement for the five-year plan, one that respects uncertainty as the norm and values the ability to change as a competitive advantage

Strategic Planning vs. Scenario Planning in Uncertain Markets

What's the role of planning in an era of unrelenting change?

How Leaders Must Strategically Respond to Recessions

Historical and biological lessons to understand how organizations can adapt to scarce resources and fierce competition

How to Write a Strategy Statement Your Team Will Actually Remember

It’s 4:30pm on a Friday and your team has to make a critical decision by the close of business but you’re on an overseas flight, unreachable and unable to help. The team has two options on the table and both seem equally compelling although each have long-term consequences if they get it wrong. How will the team know, without being able to check in with you, which call is the right call to make?

Avoid the Strategy of the Month Club

As a leader faced with uncertainty and questions, it's all too easy to be lured into the latest management fad. But if you bounce your team from one business book to another, you'll confuse and exhaust them.

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