Barriers to Change


Barriers to Change: Role Limitation

Change management has traditionally been limited to leadership—but modern organizations need everyone involved to succeed

Barriers to Change: Limiting Beliefs

Individuals must believe they can change in order to even try

Barriers to Change: Fatalism

How much change can one person make in a huge organization? Enough to make a difference.

Barriers to Change: Lack of Authority

If teams believe they don't have the right to make decisions about how they work, they won't feel responsible for making change

Barriers to Change: Cannibalism

It’s hard to introduce change when an organization is doing well—but if you don't, you risk disruption from competitors

Barriers to Change: Lack of Skills

Develop a plan to make sure your teams have the basic skills to change—and the opportunities to apply them

Barriers to Change: Conformity

Conformity encourages people to stick to old behavior—but convert enough people, and you'll reinforce new behaviors

Barriers to Change: Ignorance

If teams genuinely don't know how to operate in a different way, it can be hard to motivate them without coming across as a jerk

Barriers to Change: Recency Bias

Leaders are under pressure to make quick decision for the organization as a whole—which means some problems get lost in the shuffle

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