Core Concepts


Where to Begin a Business Transformation

Deciding what to change, first, can determine whether a large-scale transformation succeeds or fails

What Leaders Must Know About Organizational Resilience

This often misunderstood concept is critical for navigating disruption and uncertainty

How to Build a Great Remote Work or Hybrid Work Culture

Leaders are understandably concerned about the impact of remote work and hybrid work on company culture: how will new employees learn established ways of working if they’re not sitting next to each other? How can you foster loose ties between employees if they’re no longer running into each other in the office? And how can […]

How to Build a High Performing Team

Five core elements will determine how your team is structured and how they approach the work.

How to Rebuild Trust in the Workplace

Trust can be repaired, but it's not easy—and there's no one process for every scenario. We examine different methods for rebuilding relationships with your team based on Nonviolent Communication, Restorative Justice, and other established practices.

Building Trust in the Workplace

To increase trust on teams, leaders must understand what influences people's willingness to trust, as well as what makes leaders trustworthy

Track Organizational Change with a Change Charter

This "cheat sheet" aligns leaders on the changes they want to see in their teams and serve as a communication tool for the organization at large

A Map for the Change Journey Ahead

A "change map" provides much needed perspective in the middle of a change process

Why Building an “Architecture of Listening” Improves Employee Engagement

Listening is how employees evaluate their leaders— "Do you value my concerns? Are you open to changing how we work?"

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