Scaling Innovation


Getting Middle Management to Lead Change Even When They’re Not Convinced

Address underlying concerns before asking managers to lead change on their teams

Convincing Teams to Stay during Times of Change

A "stay interview" can help you identify what will keep your employees invested in the work, and demonstrate that they matter

How Learning Roundtables Make Your Organization Smarter and More Resilient

Teams need forums to spread new ideas and ways of working

Five Ways to Scale Change within an Organization

Technology can scale exponentially, people and relationships can't. As you grow your organization, scaling your culture in a healthy way becomes ever more important.

What Every Institutional Innovation Program Gets Wrong

You need a distinct team and process to integrate ideas into the wider organization

Empowering Middle Managers to Lead Change

Whether you report to one, manage one, or are one, the middle manager is often a thankless role within the organization. They have to deal with the “relentless and conflicting” influx of demands, serving as gatekeeper between senior and junior levels. And while they’re meant to have autonomy over their direct reports, they often get stuck enforcing decisions made by those above them.

Deputization Versus Delegation

As leaders, we are repeatedly told that we need to learn to delegate. And unsurprisingly most of us struggle with it. After all, we likely got our jobs because we were star performers that happily took on more work and responsibilities.

Six Questions to Ask before Opening an Innovation Outpost

Gather your leadership team together and run a diagnostic test of your company’s innovation goals and needs before establishing an innovation outpost.

Five Simple Ways to Empower Your Team

Empowering employees is positively correlated with their job satisfaction. Keep your team motivated and happy by giving them independence along with encouragement and guidance.

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