Plan Your Week Based on Energy & Engagement

While we'd all like to think that we're highly productive all of the time, the reality is that our energy and focus waxes and wanes throughout the week. By planning ahead, you can save your best time for your most important work.

When you can’t find time to complete high-priority tasks, it’s important to find a time management strategy to increase your personal productivity. Google employee Jeremiah Dillon has a strategy that his employees use to schedule around their energy/engagement cycle to make progress on extremely important work.

Schedule Your Week for Energy and Engagement

  1. Schedule low-demand tasks for Monday. This is because your energy is still building back up from the weekend.
  2. Tackle the hard stuff on Tuesday and Wednesday. Energy is at its peak in the middle of the week. On Tuesday or Wednesday, block out your Make Time and tackle your most difficult obstacles these days. Be as specific as possible with your plans and include the who, what, where, when, and how that you need to know to complete each task.
  3. Load up on meetings on Thursdays. Your energy begins to ebb on Thursday. Schedule your meetings this day.
  4. Keep Fridays open. By Friday you will typically have the least energy of the week. Do open-ended work, long-term planning, and relationship building.


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Plan Your Week Based on Energy & Engagement
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