Unite for Change with a NOBL Rally

Build strength in numbers and a shared roadmap in order to combat change confusion and fatigue

When you think of change in your organization, are efforts scattered and overwhelmed? Are there multiple transformations at play, and yet no clear connection or alignment? Are you and your fellow changemakers feeling whiplash from unexpected shifts to plans and programs? Is change fatigue mounting as a result? Does it feel like the possibility of meaningful transformation is slipping away?

If this sounds familiar, we can help. NOBL has helped many, many organizations through this exact space. We believe a good first move is what we call a “Rally.” A half- or full-day session (in-person or virtual), a Rally is an opportunity to bring together key changemakers across your organization to align around shared outcomes, identify common barriers, and brainstorm solutions to conflicts and collisions.

Past participating organizations cite the following benefits of a Rally: 

  • A collective exhale as a group: Participants typically feel more aligned and less alone after the session; finding strength in numbers and shared perspective
  • Fewer traffic jams: With a common understanding of existing and upcoming changes, participants begin addressing barriers, tackling over-saturation, and minimizing overwork among those affected
  • An after-action report for leaders: Each group typically leaves with a picture of change that can tee up conversations with leadership about needs and strategic opportunities

While we shape each Rally based on the needs of the organization, key activities typically include:

  1. Mapping of change efforts. For each current and planned transformation, we capture the outcomes, activities, groups impacted, promises, and timing expectations in order to build a full picture and roadmap of the transformation journey ahead for the organization.
  2. Identifying common barriers to change. We have each effort showcase their points of friction in order to find common challenges and form new coalitions and alliances.
  3. Spreading wins. We ensure that successes, even small wins, aren’t ignored and that their lessons learned are harvested and shared.
  4. Organizing for the future. Finally, we ensure that the efforts commit to a shared rhythm and process to remain aligned moving forward. We also focus on building a shared culture and strengthening bonds across participants during the Rally.

If some form of a NOBL Rally sounds like a needed move for your organization, visit our Contact page and let us know how we can help.

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Unite for Change with a NOBL Rally
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