Spanx Speeds Up the Decision Making Process by Voting

If you find that your team is struggling to reach a decision, or worse, scheduling more meetings to continue conversation from earlier meetings, ask for a vote with the condition that it can be modified later if needed.

Sometimes there’s an issue on the table and the conversations and decisions can flip-flop all around just for the sake of conversation. So I’ll be curious about where the group is in that moment. We’ll put the issues on the board, and we’ll vote.– Jan Singer, Spanx CEO

The next time you need to speed up the decision making process at a meeting, put the issue to a vote. Spanx CEO Jan Singer believes that voting is a simple way to get the pulse of the room, and encourages people to take ownership of the resulting decision. This process is part of her mandate to reorganize the company’s management structure and create a more consumer centric work culture.

Of course, Spanx isn’t a complete democracy; Singer can swing or veto the decision. Nor is the vote final—if new issues come up, the team can always change the vote. But coming to a decision and moving forward is better than an endless debate with no result.


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Spanx Speeds Up the Decision Making Process by Voting
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