Leadership, Learning, and Letting Go in “Top Gun: Maverick”

What leaders can learn about managing high-performing teams from Pete "Maverick" Mitchell

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Work of Fiction analyzes fictional organizations from movies and TV to discover real insights into leadership, business transformation, and change management.

Episode Notes

Pete “Maverick” Mitchell has been recalled to Top Gun—but this time, as a teacher. Can he overcome his maverick tendencies to turn the newest hot shot pilots into a team? Join NOBL as we discuss:

  • If leadership can be taught (1:04)
  • Special considerations for leading a team of high-performers (5:00)
  • When to get involved and when to let go as a leader (10:30)
  • Helping individuals get into their growth zone (17:30)

NOBL’s Chief Research Officer, Paula Cizek, hosts Associate Principal Ash Wall and Sr. Director of Learning Strategy Meg Rice.

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Top Gun: Maverick. Dir. Joseph Kosinski. Perf. Tom Cruise, Jennifer Connelley, Miles Teller. Paramount Pictures. 2022.

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Leadership, Learning, and Letting Go in “Top Gun: Maverick”
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